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The Watcher

Eric Northman is the Vampire Sheriff of Area 5; Sookie Stackhouse is a 6-year-old child with a surprising talent. When they unexpectedly meet, it is the beginning of an unorthodox friendship… and more. Multi-chapter, in-progress.

Club Ocella

What if Eric had never left Ocella’s side? What kind of Vampire would have he become? What if Sookie met him in tragic circumstances and developed a vendetta against him? Short story, complete.

You Have A New Message

Fully absorbed by his computer database, Bill is completely ignoring Sookie. As cracks in their relationship start to show, a lonely Sookie receives a tech savvy gift from Eric. They both soon discover the meaning of ‘CrackBerry’. One-shot, complete.


Season 4 of True Blood, re-imagined. Sookie’s Fairyland sojourn takes a darker turn, with various consequences. Multi-chapter, in progress.

6 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. I’m in the process of re-reading The Watcher, hope you will be writing more chapters soon. You have a wonderful talent and your stories are mesmerizing. I hadn’t read Club Ocella before this week. Someone mentioned it in an on-line discussion and that led me back to your blog.. It was a masterful depiction of a mother’s tragic loss, her search for revenge, and an ending (and new beginning) that she could never have anticipated. You captured her despair at being unable to protect her little boy so well. As a mother, my heart was breaking for her in that alley.

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